About us


Since 1995, originally based in Johannesburg, being an owner in a construction company building upmarket homes on housing estates,  System Landscape, recently opened its offices in Durban to assist with the cleaning of buildings and houses in KZN.

We have:

Highly trained Staff doing
* Scaffolding work
* High building cradle operators
* Cherry Picker work
* Experience ladder work

* Approved chemicals
* Soot removal
* Restore building like before
* save on painting costs

Reference examples:

Victoria Park (28 double and triple storey units), Bowhill lodge (14 storey), Key Largo Estate, Brenell (7 storey), The Bahia Club (huge development in Ilala Estate), Cowendale (7 storey), Broadlands (60 units), Idlewild (7 Storey), Victoria Palms (4 storey), Parkhaven (3 storey) and more.

Professional trained Cleaning teams